Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Colour Schemes

I spend most of my time concentrating on the back-end of a web application and front-end design isn't one of my strong points. So anything that helps me to knock together a passable stylesheet and design for an application is welcome.

Enter the Colour Scheme Designer. Choose your basic colour from a colour wheel and let it build colour schemes based on mono, complementary or other models. To help you choose, it displays mock-up web pages in light and dark designs based on your chosen colours. It can even simulate various forms of colour-blindness. When you are happy, you can export the results as text, e.g. to paste as a handy reference in a comment in a CSS file, or as a GIMP palette.

Even if you don't follow the colour guidelines rigidly it's a good way of getting a start with a colour scheme.

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